Humaneness 101 Summer Camp, 2015


Date July 12th-17th, 2015 (full day for six days)

Location Hefei World Foreign Language School

Target Student: 30 middle school students


As our first project in China, we will introduce ourselves to the public through social networking and cooperation with various educational institutions, as well as animal and environmental advocates. We will start a 6-day summer camp in Ivy's hometown of Hefei in July for thirty middle school students, including in-class teaching, activities, and field trips. Teaching will be conducted in both Chinese and English. To go further, we would like to enhance and expand the project every year with more experience, advertising, and local connections.


expected OUTCOME

We want the public to start reflecting what Chinese education lacks, how an individual can contribute to improve the situation, and how compassion for other sentient beings, knowledge of the broader society, and skills to take actions are necessary for the students to learn both in and outside school. This program will empower students to make responsible personal choices, and have a positive impact on their society. 

The future

We are extending our social networks, conducting outreach, and inviting college students and professionals to teach in the camp and provide training. Our next goal will be to improve our curriculum using collective ideas, and organize camp(s) each year with more staff and students of a wider age range for longer periods of time. We also want to establish cooperative relationships with schools by encouraging trained instructors to visit and teach workshops on monthly basis, as well as helping to start clubs and selective courses.

Picture of students in Ivy's middle school; Click  here  for community background

Picture of students in Ivy's middle school; Click here for community background

Photo credit to Anika Ledlow (Reed '15)

Photo credit to Anika Ledlow (Reed '15)