IHE学生Mandy加入我们在中国传递人道教育 | Mandy, an IHE M.Ed. student, getting on board to teach humane education in China!

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"The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) was co-founded in 1996 by humane educators Zoe Weil and Rae Sikora, with the mission to train people to be humane educators and to promote humane education worldwide. Today, IHE has trained thousands of humane educators who have reached hundreds of thousands of people, providing them with the tools and inspiration to become changemakers for a just, compassionate, humane world for all." (from IHE website

"As director of education at the Institute for Humane Education, I could not be more enthused about our new collaboration with the team at Humaneness 101! We look forward to working in a dynamic partnership with the team to bring humane education and solutionary activities to students in China this summer, helping to create a more peaceful just and sustainable world through education."
- Mary Pat Champeau
Director of Education, the Institute for Humane Education
Faculty, Valparaiso University

Mandy Schmit is a current M.Ed. student at the Institute for Humane Education & Valparaiso University. She is enthusiastic about joining Humaneness 101 this summer to teach humane education in China! Here's Mandy's story:

"Humane education is going to make the future a better place. My name's Mandy Schmit. I have had a strong connection to nature and animals my entire life.
During my undergrad at Canisius College in Buffalo NY, I earned a bachelor's degree in Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation (ABEC), and minors in Anthropology and Anthrozoology. During that time I was exposed to many issues concerning animals and the environment and specifically factory farming which lead me to begin following a vegan lifestyle. I was also part of the Canisius Ambassadors for Conservation (CAC) and worked as an outdoor guide for children at a wildlife refuge teaching them about wetlands, wildlife, and conservation issues.
The experience of teaching children in an outdoor setting along with my passion for veganism is what ultimately led me to the Institute for Humane Education & Valparaiso University, where I am currently working on a M.Ed. degree in humane education. I love being able to learn about topics such as environmental ethics, animal protection, and human rights with a focus on how to teach these topics to others, and always in the end incorporating solutionary ideas for how to work together to solve them. I believe that this is the future of education, and the best way for a brighter future for the entire world, which is why I am ecstatic to be joining the Humaneness 101 team in China this summer!
I am very eager to start teaching children humane education topics and helping them come up with their own solutionary ideas to topics that are relevant to their everyday lives as well as for the world on a larger scale. Humaneness 101 truly encompasses exactly what humane education is all about, and anyone who will be participating in this program will be helping to make the future of our Earth a better place. I consider myself lucky to be part of this amazing program, and I can't wait to get started!"

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