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We are current students at Reed College. Last year we founded the program "Humaneness 101". Many other students and educators joined me later on. We aim to educate students about animal ethics, environmental sustainability, global issues, and initiative skills to become empowered citizens. Our goal is to connect the youth to the global community, and empower them to enable positive changes.

As our first project in China, we will start a 6-day summer camp in our founder Ivy's hometown of Hefei in July for thirty middle school students, including in-class teaching, activities, and field trips. If you are interested in our curriculum, please click here. To go further, we would like to enhance and expand the project every year with more experience, advertising, and local connections.

We want to make the program affordable and accessible to students from all financial backgrounds, so we need to raise funds to make this happen. Every donation matters and we would very much appreciate it if you would like to support us. You can contact us  if you have any questions or suggestions to our program (see below for contact information). Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family who might also be interested.

Our Mission

Humaneness 101 is dedicated to fostering a greater sense of empathy and compassion among youth; develop their ability to scrutinize information and think critically; raise their awareness of social issues; use a myriad of tools to make informed decisions; live a more mindful life; and lead positive changes.

Our team

Our team consists of Reed College students as well as volunteers from Chinese high schools and universities. We are a group of proactive, visionary, and energetic people with experience in education and entrepreneurship. We care about education, animal rights, environment, human rights, civil rights and social action.


Our Curriculum

Animal ethics, environmental stewardship, human interactions, and practical skills are our main focuses of the curriculum. We will teach a different topic each day for four days and have mentor activities on the fifth day. The class will incorporate various materials such as videos, pictures, stories, and DIY activities to make the content accessible and interesting to the students.




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