Every donation makes a difference.

Your support will be greatly appreciate!

Your donation allows us to make humane education accessible to more students, and to connect people and create partnerships. Please help us move forward!

This platform (Stripe) applies its transaction fee (2.9% + $.30) to all donations.

Other ways to donate:

  • Cash (Mail Stop 632, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR, 97202)
  • PayPal (recipient: ivy.he26@gmail.com)
  • Venmo (@Ivy-He; free for major debit cards; 3% fee for small debit cards and credit cards)
  • Check (recipient: Chang He, please see above for address)
  • Bank deposit (please contact us at info@humaneness101.com for account number)
  • GoFundMe (a 7.9% + $.30 transaction fee will be deducted from you donation)
  • Alipay (recipient: ivy.he26@gmail.com)

We will log your donation on this page and on our GoFundMe webpage.

What your donations can do?

a $5 donation can help us print nearly 350 promotion pamphlets!
a $15 donation can almost cover a student's one-day living expense in the camp!
a $30 donation can pay most of the classroom rental fee for a day!
a $50 donation can provide transportation to 5 students for arriving and leaving the camp host school (supposing that they live at somewhere far and have financial or physical difficulty to travel by themselves)!
a $70 donation can pay for the train fare for a mentor coming from another province to assist us!
a $100 donation can print out all the class handouts we need plus some teaching equipment!
a $250 donation can pay for school staffing during the camp to ensure student safety and discipline!
a $400 donation can rent vans for all of our planned field trips!
a $650 donation can cover the one-way airfare for another Reed student to go to China with me this summer for this project!
Feel free to contact us at info@humaneness101.com and we would love to send you our budget!

Who have supported us?

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